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Gardener's Paradise

The Daily Circuit: Summertime gardening tips of the trade
Garden expert Julie Weisenhorn joined the show to answer questions, offer suggestions and share some insights on how best to work that field.

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9 summer gardening tips

1. Expect plant stress with a changing climate. Climatologists predict the coming years will see increased heat and humidity combined with fluctuating drought and heavy rain. This will increase plant stress, and may raise the potential for bacterial and fungal disease. Heavy rain can also wash away soil nutrients and splash soil-borne pathogens onto plants.

2. Don't garden on auto-pilot. As the season progresses, actively monitor plant health and soil moisture. Even though there has been a lot of rain, your garden may dry out quicker than you think. Avoid overhead sprinklers to minimize the splashing of soil, and turn off irrigation systems until your lawn has dried out. Getting your soil tested can also give you valuable information on nutrient content and moisture retention.

3. Don't be shy. When you stop by your local farm or garden center, ask questions. Professionals have a great wealth of knowledge and can help you make improvements big and small. The University of Minnesota Extension also has a wealth of resources available on their website

4. Some like it hot. Nightshades — which include tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos and eggplants -- are warm-loving plants. They should be doing fairly well this season, though perhaps looking beefier than normal due to all the rain we've seen. Nightshades should be rotated each year to break the disease cycle.

5. With some diseases, admit defeat. When it comes to Downy mildew, often observed on basil, the only answer is to throw out the plant and try again in a different location. The spores for downy mildew live in the soil even after the plant is pulled out, so a new plant will soon become infected. And aster yellows, a disease affecting plants in the aster family, has no cure as well. The disease is spread by the feeding of certain insects.

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Expandable Garden Water Hose & Nozzle Combo,

Every gardener knows how frustrating it is dealing with a heavy awkward garden hose. You finally untangle the hose and get started watering and bingo the water stops; yes, the hose is kinked back near the faucet. You drag the hose back, fix the kink, and then drag it back again to start work. There's an easier way and it is, The Lightweight Expandable Flexible Hose. How Will The Expandable Flexible Hose Make Watering The Garden, Lighter & Easier?

Because the hose is lightweight 1.1 lbs, compared to a standard garden hose weighing approx. 5 lbs, you will never have to struggle with the hose again.

The hose is perfect for RVs, Boats, Condos, Gardens, Terraces, Patios and wherever space is at a premium.




Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer



Slow Release Watering Bag for Trees





Gardener's Drip Kit


Uproot Weed and Root Remover


Jute Twine


Pruning Shears


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  From our blog:
David cooks his way through A Summertime Grilling guide

A Summertime Grilling Guide
From The Splendid Table

The Splendid Table's A Summertime Grilling Guide will inspire you to expand your outdoor cooking repertoire.

It's jammed with more than 40 recipes including ones for refreshing beverages and salads alongside ones for savory meats and sauces. This one guide gives you plenty of tips, too, from choosing the grill that's right for you to insights about cooking over fire.

The guide is a collection of more than 40 recipes designed to make summer cooking and grilling fun and enjoyable.



Well Preserved: Recipes & Techniques for Putting Up Small Batches of Seasonal Foods

From pressure canning to low-tech options like oil-preserving, curing and freezing, Eugenia Bone clearly explains each technique so that you can rest assured your food is stable and safe.



NPR Sound Treks: BIRDS

Are birds monogamous? Why do kookaburras laugh? Here’re the best avian audio documentaries, stories, commentaries — and sounds — from the NPR archives, as told by naturalists, zoologists, biologists, adventurers, even a cowgirl who share a love for all things with feathers. A must for all the original tweeters out there! 1 hour on 1 cd



Hydroponic Tomatoes May One Day Be Tastier Than Ones Grown Outside

Peak tomato season — July through September here on the East Coast — is almost upon us, and the anticipation is palpable. Before we know it, those super sweet, juicy fruits, grown outdoors under the hot sun, will be back in abundance.

We tend to fetishize summer tomatoes, especially heirloom varieties like Brandywine and Cherokee Purple, and regard them as the pinnacle of tomato flavor.

But according scientists who specialize in growing food in hydroponic greenhouses, some tomatoes bred for the indoors are now just as flavorful as the ones grown outdoors in perfect summer conditions.

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From Weekend Edition Sunday:
Coffee For Roses' And Other Garden Myths Debunked

Coffee for Roses: ...and 70 Other Misleading Myths About Backyard Gardening

Word-of-mouth may be a great way to learn about some products, but word-of-mouth gardening tips can be a very bad idea. The age-old practice of passing along gardening tips and tricks is no guarantee you will get a good might even do the opposite. In her new book, garden expert C. L. Fornari looks at 71 common garden practices and uncovers the truth behind the lore. Do marigolds keep the bugs out of the veggie patch? Will rusty nails turn hydrangeas blue? With humor and affection, she goes back in time to sort out the good, the bad and the just plain silly...and tells us why. COFFEE FOR ROSES combines gardening history and expert advice into one useful, time- and money-saving package. The author’s award-winning full color photography is throughout.


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